Box of Nickels

Our 100% home based business has assembled a limited supply of nickels. When someone realizes that the nickel has a real value of 8½ cents, this game is going to be over and it’ll be too late. We’ve done all the hard work for you.

For $200, we’ll send you via USPS a box of nickels with 50 $2 rolls of nickels. $100 face value. No fuss; no muss.

Why the premium? We do the “heavy lifting”; you just write a check. No shipping and handling. Your order ships as soon as your payment clears.

Sure, you can go to your own bank, buy nickels, and schlep them home. But will you? When the hyper-inflation hits, how long will it take to recoup your cost? A day, a week, a month, a year. Who knows. But past performance is a predictor of the future.

REMEMBER: pre-’64 Silver coins?

2100% increase / 2011 - 1964 = 44% per year

Don’t be caught short without a nickel to your name. After the FED and Treasury change the nickel’s content, this offer will change. And, watch the value skyrocket. Remember when money was gold coins? You’ll be saying Shoulda, coulda, and woulda!

Call 732-798-0508 and leave a message. (We have real jobs.)

Remember 1964 when coins were silver? When money had intrinsic value. When we still had penny candy. When FDR’s gold seizure was a distant memory. Those coins are worth 21 times face value.